The vast majority of men suffer from a decline in hormone levels as they age. We direct our therapies to optimize these declines with Bio Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). With BHRT we can improve our quality of age as we age by … read more >>

is bhrt for me?

BHRT (bio hormone replacement therapy) replaces and optimizes your natural hormone levels that after the age of 25 decline in all men and women. BHRT can reverse symptoms such as being constantly tired and irritable, loss of of libido, lack of vitality along with an overall decline in men and womens general well being through …. read more >>


Women suffer from multiple complaints associated with the aging process. Most are related to the decline of estrogen or progesterone, however multiple hormone declines can affect the aging process in women. Through a process of optimization and therapy the aging process and quality of life for women can be improved by….read more >>